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{Video} ‘It’s Okay’ Teaser Trailer starring @JennaFischer

'It's Okay' is a short film by Tamar Lavine, starring Thomas Sadoski & Jenna Fischer. A young couple struggles to break free of the restricted world they've created together.

{Video} ‘You Are Here’ Update + Trailer

In June 2012 Jenna was spotted on the set of the film ‘You Are Here’ in North Carolina.

{Video} @JennaFischer on Hollywood Game Night – Full Episode

{Upcoming} Jenna on Comedy Big! Bang!

{Upcoming} Jenna on Comedy Big! Bang!

Jenna will be appearing on Comedy Big! Bang! on May 22nd.

Here is a segment of the episode: Reggie Makes Music with Jenna Fischer

Comedy Big! Bang! is an IFC series, airing Thursdays at 10:30pm.

Thanks to zerohhero for the info.

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Jenna Fischer in Kiss Me (x)

{Upcoming Appearance} @jennafischer on Hollywood Game Night

{Upcoming Appearance} @jennafischer on Hollywood Game Night

While her name was not included in the season 2 press release, it looks like we can expect to see Jenna in an upcoming episode of NBC’s Hollywood Game Night!

Mario Lopez tweeted the following on April 6th:

My teammate is ready to pop! @JennaFischer was on fire tonight…

#Neighbors #Playdate #hollywoodgamenight


From his other photos it looks the episode also features Natasha Lyonne, Laura Prepon…

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{Website Updates} Funding and Gallery

{Website Updates} Funding and Gallery

A massive thank you to Emma and Judy for their generous support. Thanks to these two fab ladies SJF will be up and running for another year!

And, as promised, I was finally able to fix (most of) the Galleryissues and get it back online. Please note that I had to purge about 1500 accounts though, so anyone who registered in 2012-2013 will likely need to create a new account (you are free to use…

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Jenna Fischer at the launch of L by Jennifer Love Hewitt maternity line in Beverly Hills, California. - April 1st, 2014